Tim Sherwood boxing dumb at Tottenham 5


Tim Sherwood’s press-conference yesterday was essentially the gift which kept on giving to journalists, with Tottenham’s interim manager making all kinds of proclamations about what he will and will not accept as a future role with the club.

It’s not uncommon to see interim managers ascend into a full-time position, but it only generally happens once a few games have been won and some momentum has been accumulated. A club chairman may, for example, see a set of players responding really well to a caretaker and make the, often sensible, decision to hand over the reigns permanently to avoid the time-consuming and potentially expensive task of making an outside hire.

Fine, fair enough.

The problem in this instance, though, is that any positivity attached to Sherwood has already evaporated. In his one professional game in charge, he conspired to lose against a set of players that no serious Premier League side should even lose to - let alone at home, let alone from a winning position.

But yet, here comes the bluster and bravado:

“If it was down to me I’d be getting a ten-year contract now, but football doesn’t work like that.”

I appreciate that that comment - like most of the others made yesterday - was relatively throw-away, but wouldn’t someone in Sherwood’s position be better served by saying nothing, and just by churning out platitudes in press-conferences at the moment? At least until there’s something remotely positive to back-up such ambition - a win, a coaching badge, a good performance…anything.

“I know all about the football club, I played here, it’s my club. I know what the supporters want and I know what they demand.”

Do you? Really? Because an archaic 4-4-2 and Jermain Defoe starting don’t seem to align particularly well with ‘what the supporters want’.

Win, then talk. This is not the time to be handing-out soundbytes to the press, because nobody at Tottenham should be swelling with hubris at the moment.

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