Time for Tottenham to send Jan Vertonghen packing 20


Here’s Jan Vertonghen’s agent doing what we’ve come to expect from his and his player:

“Several teams are interested in Jan. I cannot confirm or deny whether Barcelona are one of them.”

(Sky Sports)

You ‘cannot confirm or deny’?  You’re a football agent, not a CIA director.

Ok, so the player wants a transfer and his agent is going to start orchestrating this kind of nonsense in a bid to get him a move.

Jan Vertonghen is a very talented footballer and at his best he’s a brilliant defender, but quite obviously his mind is not focused on doing his very best for Tottenham.  Some players can perform well irrespective of their disaffection, but we’ve already seen that the Belgian isn’t one of them - in fact, Vertonghen couldn’t have made it more obvious last season that he was completely indifferent from December onwards.

Daniel Levy, Mauricio Pochettino and Franco Baldini need to look at this situation and appreciate where it’s heading.  If Vertonghen isn’t sold this Summer, he will presumably spend the season sulking and again being a liability - and how much is that really worth to the team?  The club have a new manager, there appears to be a degree of optimism within the squad, and it would be counter-productive to incubate this festering negative.

If Barcelona want to pay somewhere in the region of £20m for Vertonghen, then Tottenham should absolutely sell him.  To be successful, Pochettino needs players who actually want to be at the club and who don’t just look at White Hart Lane as somewhere to bide their time before joining a Champions League club.

Tottenham can stubbornly hold onto him, but for what reason?  This isn’t Luka Modric or Gareth Bale, this is a disaffected defender who can’t seem to get through an important game without making a basic error - his talent is valuable, but his attitude has made him very replaceable.

It’s taken less than two years for him to start giving little quotes to the press, which is a real statement about his level of professionalism.

Get rid of this guy - he’s creating a problem that doesn’t need to be tolerated.

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