Time to let go of the ‘Cristiano Ronaldo back to Manchester United’ obsession 2

Manchester United

Manchester United

The transfer-window has closed, but it hasn’t stopped the flow of stories about Cristiano Ronaldo rejoining Manchester United - sadly.

“A new attempt to bring back Ronaldo could happen in January or next summer. It is understood Ronaldo remains tempted by the romance of returning to United but if he and his advisers decide his future is all about money then he will end up at tax-free Monaco who have a strong working relationship with Mendes.”

That’s from the Mail On Sunday this morning.

Not that I don’t love seeing a tired old transfer story being resurrected for the sake of some clicks during an international week, but hasn’t this been covered-to-death?

“Could happen in January or next Summer” - doesn’t that sum this up? Nobody really knows anything for sure about United’s apparent interest in Ronaldo, and instead article-after-article is predicated on this theoretical romance of him returning to Old Trafford.

It’s guessing - and it’s content-filler during a slow week.

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