Tottenham and Danny Welbeck are not a good match 9

Danny Welbeck is expected to leave Manchester United before the transfer-window shuts, either on loan or on a permanent basis, and Tottenham have been one of the clubs linked with him.  Supposedly, Mauricio Pochettino spent his Tuesday night at Stadium:MK watching Welbeck and deciding whether to green-light a move for him, although that’s exactly the kind of press report which should be ignored this time of year.

But say the stories are accurate and that Spurs are really interested in Welbeck, would that really feel like a logical move?

There are some fans who, irrespective of their club’s needs, just crave transfers.  To them it doesn’t matter who the player is, how much he costs, or where he plays, they just like the prospect of new blood and enjoy all the hypothetical questions that accompany an arrival.

That little group aside, how much use would Welbeck actually be to Tottenham?

He’s add something, but not enough to make this truly worthwhile.

Yes, he’d fill a squad-role and he could play one of the wide-forward positions to a higher level than someone like Aaron Lennon, but as things stand he wouldn’t challenge for a starting position.  He’s not a natural enough goal-scorer or a good enough pivot to really rival Emmanuel Adebayor for a central role, he isn’t on the same technical level as Erik Lamela, and he would probably be left contesting the left-sided spot with Nacer Chadli.  He is a fit for Pochettino’s formation and ideology, but not necessarily a definite starter within it.

It’s a game of opinions, of course, and some will disagree with that.  However, what would be the cost of accommodating Welbeck?  High player turnover created a transient feel to last year’s squad, and the resources are now available to allow for some continuity.  Chadli played very well against QPR, Andros Townsend is still theoretically a developing player, and Harry Kane is showing signs of progression and would benefit greatly from the kind of game-time that Welbeck would take away from him.

Pochettino is renowned for, amongst other attributes, his coaching ability - therefore it makes perfect sense for him to work with what he’s got for the time-being and to see where the deficiencies lie in January or at season’s end.  Tottenham have too many players as it is, so there is no necessity in any more incoming business - especially so if a loan isn’t an option and Manchester United are only interested in a sale.  £15m-£20m?  Forget it, that’s passport tax and that kind of money is better left in the stadium-funding piggy bank.

And from Welbeck’s perspective, why trade a peripheral role at Old Trafford for a similar one at Tottenham?  There is no Wayne Rooney or Robin van Persie at White Hart Lane and his best position does at least exist, but at this stage of his career he needs to be pursuing first-team football and he needs to find a club who have an existing need for him.  If that means going abroad, then so be it - maybe that would actually be to his benefit?  Foreign leagues provide English players with the opportunity to diversify their football education, and Welbeck is one of the few home-grown forwards of his generation who probably could adjust to a more technique-based competition.

He’s a good player and there’s a situation out there for him which would accelerate his growth, but it’s just not at Tottenham.

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