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Tottenham and Hugo Lloris: Concussions and allegations

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Tottenham are being criticised this morning for allowing Hugo Lloris to continue playing yesterday, and this narrative might continue for a couple of days - player safety is a big issue, and we’re seeing concussion-related legislation being introduced across all manner of high-profile sports.

The brain charity Headway have released a statement condemning Spurs for having an ‘irresponsible and cavalier attitude towards the player’s health’, and whether or not you view that as a publicity-grab on their part or not, it’s the kind of response that you expect after an incident in a televised game involving two well-supported clubs.

One issue though: if Spurs’ attending physios had genuine concerns over Lloris’ ability to continue or believed that, by playing, he was putting his health in serious danger, then he surely would not have re-entered the game. The consequences of willingly putting an athlete at medical risk are very serious indeed, and go far beyond the result of a football match.

Taking one point or three from a game becomes irrelevant in the face of heavy legal recourse and potential allegations of medical malpractice.

I have no medical experience whatsoever, so it would be completely inappropriate to ‘play doctor’, but Premier League footballers are enormously valuable assets and clubs are incredibly cautious over their well-being.

Post-concussion syndrome is very serious indeed, and I’m quite sure that Headway are a force for good, but the comments made are quite severe given that they presumably haven’t received any kind of medical information relevant to the incident itself or examined the player. Maybe I’m being naive, but how can you criticise a medical response to a situation without being involved first-hand in the consultation process or having extensive knowledge of the tests and checks that were carried out?

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  1. Cliffyboy
    2 hrs, 12 mins ago

    Tottenham being criticised, that makes an effing change.

    As if we’d have allowed Lloris to continue playing if there was even a remote chance of serious injury.

    Last week it was the Hull penalty, and it even cropped up a week later in that bunch of crap, Match Of The Day.

    Compare this with the Mendes injustice and Carrol and the great manager Ferguson’s blatant cheating, and what happens, that fucker gets knighted.

    If any of you guys get a chance of reincarnation, ask God for some brain cells next time. We’ll work on principles if you get a third go.

  2. Fightagainstthenannystate
    1 hr, 58 mins ago

    It is being used as such a publicity-grab that it is quite embarrassing. I realise that there people need to make some noise to justify there existence but per-lease!!!

  3. Tucker
    31 mins ago

    My god there’s some paranoid spurs fans around. “Everyone’s against us!!!!” Grow up and realise the reality of the situation. This is a high profile incident involving exactly what the charity is there for. Of course they are going to comment. And are people really naive enough to believe the comment wasn’t promoted by some hack?
    I agree with Owly however, the charity don’t know the full facts if the situation. Both the club doctor and the referee were happy for him to continue.

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