Tottenham: the good, the bad, and the Krul 4

Adam Wilsher gets frustrated with the atmosphere at White Hart Lane…

Tottenham had a poor first half, sluggish, tepid football, and once more, I felt the atmosphere at the lane was tense, bordering on rebellious. The occasional ‘When the spurs go marching in’ or ‘Come on you Spurs’ was pleasant to hear, and a valiant effort by the ‘revive the lane’ and the ‘1882’ fans, but otherwise, we were easily out-voiced by the travelling supporters. The second half stats will show we absolutely crushed them, yet every attempt we had on goal seemed to have a giant Tim Krul shaped behemoth to stop it. But again, as the half wore on, we fell silent, frustrated and resigned to another humbling defeat. Oh sure, we piped up a bit when moving forward, but a single misplaced pass, or overran ball was met with long, enduring and affective groans. I say affective because you could see it in the players’ body language. They themselves fought valiantly, yet ultimately resigned to defeat, frustrated that their outstanding efforts in that last 45 minutes were going unrewarded.

I get it, I do, I really do. It’s easy for me to sit and criticise fans who are dissatisfied with what they see, I’m not the one paying a lot of money for a ticket to see my team lose, I’m not the one who has to sit in hours of traffic on the M25. Yet I’m also not the one with the opportunity to show that win, lose or draw, I am a spurs fan and that it will always be a pleasure to watch us play live. It’s true, we’ve not attacked with the same flair as previously, and our results have seemed negative, but really, in fact, it’s not even that bad, we’ve lost three games, THREE, and only conceded six. Only Southampton have conceded less. At the time of writing, we sit sixth, with only four points separating seventh and second. Remember 2008? At this point in the season we were dead bottom.

Earlier in the week, Kyle Naughton said in an interview with Sky Sports that the team are spending a lot of time in training getting the ball into Soldado, working on providing him with a good service to score. We saw some of that in the second half, the stronger urgency of getting the ball out of defence, the speed of the passing, the better movement from our midfield. It will get better, but it will take longer if we continue to get on our team’s back if we concede, or if we haven’t scored by the end of the first half. Ok, so, the ‘smaller’ teams like Hull, Villa et al, will come to the lane to defend. That’s just a fact, and it speaks volumes about how far we have come in the last few years that they do, but this isn’t FIFA 14, this isn’t Football Manager. These teams don’t give a platypus’ nutsack about what the stats say should happen. These are well-disciplined, professional footballers, who are more than capable of holding their own (maybe with the exception of Crystal Palace, sorry Palace fans, I just don’t see you cutting it this year) and we shouldn’t be surprised when they do.

I’m not going to say that this player should be dropped, or that player should start, because we will all have our opinions on that, and they would all be valid. What I want to do is urge YOU, Tottenham fans everywhere, if you are at the next game, please, be patient. Be lenient. Be supportive. Sing. Sing like you’ve never sung before. Sing for all the players. Sing for AVB, sing for the guy next to you, sing for the fans who cannot get to the game. Show the world what being a Spurs fan is about. Show them why we, why YOU are the world’s best. Show them why there is only One Tottenham Hotspur.

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