Tottenham’s Heurelho Gomes and his legacy in England 2


Tottenham’s out-of-favour goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes has been discussing his future, and has suggested that he may be tempted by a return to his native Brazil.

“I am much more open now than before as I have been in Europe for almost 10 years and I miss Brazil, my mother, brothers and friends.

Although I am well adapted and used to being abroad, I don’t think I’ll stay here forever.

What matters right now is to keep playing, because I know I still have the potential and technical conditions to do so. I need money to pay my bills!

My career has always been well organised and planned, so I have to think this through to make sure I don’t do the wrong thing or make a hasty decision which could harm my future.”

(Sky Sports)

Look, I know that as and when Gomes leaves England, he’ll be remembered for some of his less-than-glorious moments, but it’s been too easily forgotten that he actually made an outstanding contribution in the 2009/10 season and that Tottenham probably wouldn’t have finished fourth without him.

You can’t separate Gomes from his errors, because they were relatively frequent and occasionally comical, but don’t forget how good a shot-stopper this guy was - the fundamentals of his game were shaky, but the higher the difficulty level of the save, the more likely he was to actually make it.

It’s unusual for a goalkeeper, and hopefully the better parts of his time in the Premier League get remembered.

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