Tottenham’s Jan Vertonghen and his link with Liverpool 5

There was a story around over the weekend about Liverpool supposedly being interested in Tottenham’s Belgian defender Jan Vertonghen - and a couple of papers have parroted that story this morning.

Originally, this came from Rob Shepherd’s column in The Mail and that’s not terribly promising for Liverpool fans. Shepherd’s articles are, almost every week, really just transfer-gossip for the sake of it: this ‘might’ happen, this ‘could’ happen, a source close to a source who claims to have inside information…etc etc.

Basically, it’s for entertainment purposes only.

On a practical level, even though Vertonghen has suggested that he might consider his options if Spurs do not qualify for the Champions League - which they seem highly unlikely to do - it’s not particularly realistic to expect him to be moving to Anfield.

Liverpool should be back in UEFA’s top competition next season, but they are not yet at the stage where they can guarantee a player that platform every season - and if Vertonghen was to leave White Hart Lane that’s the kind of club he would be moving to.

Maybe in a couple of years Liverpool will have made a sufficient progress to be a genuinely superior option for Tottenham players, but that’s not really the case at the moment - hence the idea of top talent moving between the two clubs, in either direction, seems very unrealistic.

Maybe attribute this rumour to Rob Shepherd’s need to fill column inches.

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