What Frank Lampard’s new contract offer means in relation to Chelsea 1

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This is a speculative piece based on common-sense, and it’s not pretending to be anything else.

The general consensus seems to be that Chelsea have relaxed their stance and offered a new one-year contract to Frank Lampard, thus bringing to an end the dullest and most relentless sub-plot to the 2012/13 season.

How dare a Premier League club not continue to employ a 34 year-old high-earner when new financial restrictions are imminent. Outrageous etc etc.

What this probably means is that Jose Mourinho is imminent. Chelsea haven’t budged an inch over this for six months, and now all of a sudden they’ve had a dramatic change of heart? Nothing’s really changed; Lampard is still the same useful yet limited player, so you would have to assume that a third-party has become involved and insisted that the England midfielder stays at the club.

…and who do you think that might be?

It’s in Mourinho’s interests to have as many of ‘his’ players at Chelsea when he arrives, because that will tighten his grip on the rest of the squad. It makes perfect sense - and he’s probably the only outside person who could possibly have an impact on the decision-making processes at Chelsea. Roman Abramovich needs Mourinho to clear-up his mess, and the latter has plenty of leverage as a result.

Who knows if that’s true, but it’s not unlikely.

The second, more negative impact of this?

We have to go through this process all over again next year. The incredulity, the disbelief, the anger over the lack of another contract extension for Lampard in 2014. The same little hacks publishing the same tired old stories about ‘disrespect’ and ‘lack of class’.

That’s something to look forward to.

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