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What is Tottenham’s first-choice team now?

Beyond all the depth-charts, theoretical formations, and the likelihood that Andre Villas-Boas will heavily rotate his side depending on the opposition in front of him, but below is a theoretical first-eleven that he might pick, all players being fit and all things being equal:

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 16.15.48

This is a highly-subjective topic, so there will be plenty who disagree, but here are a few justifications for various parts of it:

Andros Townsend’s omission. Townsend is such an exciting player, but he’s still a relatively raw one. At the moment, he still makes as many bad decisions as he does good ones, and he has to learn to curb his instinct to run at defenders every time he gets the ball. Yes, that’s his natural game, but from a team standpoint he would be a more economically efficient player if he took the blinkers off from time-to-time.

Sandro ahead of Capoue. Capoue’s great, and he’s a very smart addition to this squad, but a fully-fit Sandro is a bigger asset to the team, both in terms of what he does with the ball and what he contributes without it. The Frenchman has made a very significant, and statistically tangible, contribution in his first couple of games, but don’t forget just how much of a force the Brazilian is.

Nacer Chadli’s inclusion. Chadli wasn’t good at the weekend, but he’s a better player than he showed at The Emirates. With Erik Lamela a natural first-choice on the other side of the pitch, it’s important for Villas-Boas to replicate that ‘cutting-in off the flank’ for the sake of attacking symmetry and preserving the overall shape of the side.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 23.20.53

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  1. rich
    1 day, 10 hrs ago

    There is no such thing as first choice 11 in modern football. Alex Ferguson didn’t pick the same team in consecutive games for 4yrs before he retired. The whole point is that no player is guaranteed a spot they all have to compete. This first choice 11 is so 1990′s.

  2. R Black
    1 day, 10 hrs ago

    I would agree that will be the most likely choice byAVB, I ppersonally would pick Townsend over Chadli, as imo he has shown quite a bit more than Chadli has just yet.

  3. SkySportsJews
    1 day, 10 hrs ago

    You’ve got the first team exactly as I would have it. Chadli is still finding his feet but I think he has a better all round game than both Lennon and Townsend so I would put him in. Lamela and Eriksen will be the main creators, I just hope they settle in quickly. I’m sure AVB will rotate a lot but that’s what the summer acquisitions have allowed us to do. It will prevent players getting tired/injured an may allow us to compete on all four fronts this season. And if we give quality to service to Bobby Soldier he will score a hatful.

  4. madjeff
    1 day, 10 hrs ago

    will depend on who we are playing. But if confident of winning my selection would be back four Vertonghen Kaboul Dawson Walker (Chriches as yet unknown quantity) reason. Rose leaves left side exposed to much to counter when he is upfield. back four (all) also need to be clear on zonal marking and high line.

    Agree a defending midfield two (not three) of Sandro and Paulinho Agree also front four of Soldado Townsend Eriksen and Lamila

    Townsend stays in but on the left, and learns to be better than Lennon, instead of trying to copy Bale. He needs to make accurate final balls instead of holywood shots from distance.

  5. TommyHarmer
    1 day, 10 hrs ago

    I agree with Rich that there is no one first choice team, but I await to be convinced by Chadli, have never been convinced by Dembele, and find Townsend just a ‘greedy boy’. Capoue is REAL class, and has far more stability than Sandro, whose tackles risk free kicks in dangerous areas. Losing Lennon’s work ethic will not be good either, but all our players will play in a variety of games, and the best team will emerge from competition. Having said that, we will not always need nor want to play our best team, whatever it turns out to be; those days are gone.

  6. Wayne
    1 day, 9 hrs ago

    First 11 for a cup final say rich? It’s only a debate. That would be my choice anyhow..

  7. Sam
    1 day, 9 hrs ago

    I would have Holtby and Carroll instead of Sandro and Paulinho and Pritchard instead of Chadli. Unfortunately Carroll and Pritchard are playing in the championship.

    So with the players who are available, I would play Holtby instead of Paulinho and Townsend instead of Chadli.

    Danny Rose is not a defender in a million years. So I would play Vertonghen or Chiriches in that position, until we get a proper defender.

  8. RHuss
    1 day, 9 hrs ago

    No Dawson please…he’s not proven to be a reliable CB.

  9. SpursBoi
    1 day, 8 hrs ago

    My first team:


    Kaboul Dawson vertongen rose
    Sandro paulinho

    Lennon Eriksen. Lamela


    This way we keep natural width with Lennon and lamela , giving eriksen more space in the middle and paulinho with the license to roam forward in the space with Sandro sitting. I’m still waiting on chadli to show what he can really do. Many of you have chosen Townsend and Lennon/lamela this like much of last season with bale makes the middle of the park very compact and easy for teams like Swansea !! Etc to park the bus at the lane and stop us from playing…

  10. R Black
    1 day, 7 hrs ago

    I’m surprised that a few of you are dropping our fullbacks, for centre backs, I agree that Vertongen is our best left back by a mile, as is Kaboul our best left back, but as these players are internationals, I doubt they will be pleased playing out of position for any length of time, how about giving Friers a chance. As for Lennon I’m probably his most unimpressed Spurs fan, he has had 18 months of Bale watch, pressure off the right side, and I’ve not really seen him ripping it up.

  11. decland
    1 day, 6 hrs ago

    loris walker kaboul the chorlis verthongen sandro paulinho erikson lamela townsend soldado

  12. Tyrell Campbell-riley
    1 day, 6 hrs ago

    what has chadli done for him to get the nod over townsend NOTHING, i have seen more accurate crossing and shooting from townsend i have watch him beat his markers more times than chadli and for the STUPID fans that say dembele was average he wasnt average last year when he used to carry the bale at least 20-30 yards and when he brought bale lennon and siggy into play bale wouldn’t have done what he dine without dembele him and sandro were unbeaten as a pair remember that dembele and sandro haters capoue better than sandro you cearly dont remember sandro he’s much more experienced and mobile than capoue, the performance against arsenal showed that , his tackling and passig were much better than capoue and sandro is even match fit

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