What the England squad tells us… 0

The Premier League Owl

In this day and age, there’s really no need for official announcements - any significant sporting news always gets leaked to the press ahead of time.

It’s through Twitter then, that we’ve learnt of the Glen Johnson, John Terry, Bobby Zamora and Andy Carroll’s inclusion in the England squad for the European Championships.

Many a heart presumably sank on hearing the news that Johnson had made the cut ahead of Micah Richards, a decision so ludicrous that it’s beyond ridicule. The Liverpool right-back has never shown himself to be anything other than a liability for England, and his selection off the back of his contribution to Liverpool’s season just confirms that you don’t actually have to be playing well to be picked for the national team.

If Glen Johnson hadn’t played for England before, would anyone be demanding his inclusion? No.

John Terry slots into the same category. How many more times must he be shown to be lacking on the international stage, was his humiliation at the hands of Mesut Ozil, Thomas Muller, and the rest of the German side not enough?

The reason we never win anything, is that we refuse to ever learn from our mistakes. It’s such acute arrogance - and it’s what our fondness for scapegoating helps to obscure. There’s always a referee, an injury, or a foreign manager to blame, and it’s always more palatable than asking the more pertinent questions of the actual players.

Expect nothing from this tournament accept the usual insipid football and a group stage exit. Happy Christmas France, here are three points to get you going…

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