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Why Liverpool should have loaned-out Joe Allen
Joe Allen

Joe Allen

Joe Allen provides back-up to Liverpool’s first-team, albeit in a rather theoretical way - he may well be a reserve midfielder, but he’s not really capable of replacing any of the players currently in Brendan Rodgers’ first-choice side.

Allen gets a lot of abuse, and maybe understandably so given his transfer fee, but he’s not a bad player: he’s an example of someone who has one extremely good attribute (passing) but has almost nothing else to his game - he’s too much of a defensive liability to play deep, he isn’t particularly mobile, and his ball-playing isn’t incisive enough to occupy one of the more advanced roles.

I understand why Liverpool weren’t keen on him leaving for a season, but the catch-22 for them is that he’ll never be able to garnish his game with auxiliary attributes without first being allowed substantial pitch-time. He needs games, and he needs to be put into a sink-or-swim situation somewhere within the Premier League if he is to develop.

There’s nothing unusual about Allen’s situation, because plenty of young players have had an initial over-reliance on individual parts of their game, but something about his environment needs to change if he’s to become a credible asset to Liverpool and to the manager who spent so much money on him.

Seemingly there are plenty of the club’s fans who are willing to give-up on Allen, and that’s a shame - this is a talented footballer who just seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If the situation is still the same in January, then it’s not really in anyone’s interests for him to keep festering on the sideline.

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  1. john
    2 days, 6 hrs ago

    your talking shite, liverpool dont have enough central midfielders as it, get areal job that more suited to your skills- a bin man

  2. Dale
    2 days, 6 hrs ago

    There were those suggesting we should get rid of Jordan Henderson, I know another avid supporter who detests Glen Johnson.

    Joe Allen is a very able cover player. It’s easy to forget how well he was playing for the team this time last year. The increased competition will help him, as it will also take the attention away from him. I fancy(hope) he will come good.

  3. kime
    2 days, 6 hrs ago

    I agree. And Allen is good and with vison, not just cover.

    I am wondering about were from all those “pundits” come from.

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