Yaya Toure’s Agent Doing What He Does

Again, Dimitri Seluk?

Yaya Toure’s agent has been batting away at his reputation for mischief over the last twenty-fours, claiming that his client is ready to leave Manchester City and will consider any offers he receives at the end of the season. It’s hard to take Seluk seriously, because this is now the third year in a row he has very deliberately created doubt over Toure’s future and with each intentionally ambiguous remark, he further casts himself as the sort of agent who actively enjoys seeing his name in print.

He appears to represent the old stereotype of his profession.

On a more serious note, there’s an argument which says that nobody has done more damage to Yaya Toure’s career than Dimitri Seluk. On the one hand, he’s helped to secure a series of very lucrative contracts and has made his client a very wealthy man, but on the other - and more pertinently from a legacy standpoint - he has helped to associate the midfielder with a troubling set of values which has created a negative subtext to his footballing accomplishments.

Toure sometimes doesn’t help himself and, yes, his response to coming second in the recent African Player of the Year award was a moment his reputation could have done without. Still, Seluk has been the real gift to those who want to paint Toure entirely from cliches: he’s the one who fuels the conversations about money and loyalty and his public relations role seems to amount to little more than the reinforcement of that set of a highly derogatory assumptions which are typically made about African players.

It’s a tragedy: Toure is a very special player indeed and his agent has essentially made it harder for that to be appreciated.