Yaya Toure’s plausible exit route from Manchester City 0

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Yaya Toure’s agent insists that his client’s agitating over a new contract at Manchester City is not about money - instead, he claims that the Ivorian international is upset over a perceived lack of respect from the club’s coaching staff.

A new contract will help that, apparently - I don’t know how - but Dimitri Seluk insists that it would do. It’s all about ‘respect’ and ‘integrity’ and ‘loyalty’ to Yaya. Definitely not about the money, definitely, definitely not.

According to The Mail this morning, super-wealthy club Anzhi ‘have been alerted’ to Toure’s possible availability and are ready to throw their full financial weight into bringing him to…wherever it is that they play.

Presumably though, because Toure’s career is not in any way about money, he’ll turn down any offer on principle - because of course, that’s really the only merit to moving to Anzhi. Sure, players can mutter about ‘being part of an exciting project’, but we all know what they mean - “my career is for sale, but only for the right price.”

City should cut Toure loose as soon as possible; one player cannot be allowed to behave like this, whether directly or through his agent. As I said when this story first broke, the player has exuded apathy all season, and Sheik Mansour is being short-changed - Toure has won the Premier League, and now wants to continue his cash-harvest elsewhere.

Just get him off the pay-roll and make him free to fill his pockets with somebody else’s petrobucks.

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